“Misophonia” is the debut album by written, recorded and produced by Sam Razr, released under “Sam Razr’s Project Powergrid” on December 13, 2013.


The album is released via iTunes, Amazon and over 40 other online-stores. See all links on the bottom of the page. The album is also available at Amazon as a physical CD.

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There’s also limited edition digipack, only 100 available.

The Tracklist:

  1. I Am (Intro)
  2. Rectified
  3. Love Me (ft. Patric)
  4. Advertising
  5. Save Me (ft. Isho & Chrim)
  6. Vertigo (ft. Brendy)
  7. Over and Out
  8. Falling Down (ft. GadManDubs)
  9. Get Up
  10. The Blue Coat (ft. Isho)
  11. Chaldron
  12. Misophonia
  13. A Star In The Night Sky (ft. Isho)
  14. Desire
  15. Tension (ft. Brendy)

The limited edition download includes the following bonus tracks:

  1. Pluck’d (ft. Chrim)
  2. Sometimes
  3. Game Over
  4. Thirteen
  5. Advertising (DJ Mix)
  6. Vertigo (Instrumental)
  7. Save Me (Instrumental)
  8. Love Me (Instrumental)
  9. The man in the blue coat (Instrumental)
  10. A Star in the Nightsky (Instrumental)
  11. Tension (Instrumental)
  12. Misophonia (DJ Version)
  13. Falling Down (Instrumental)

Find all lyrics here.