Sam Razr’s Project Powergrid – That’s Drum n’ Bass x Dubstep x Electro x Rock.

Formed by mastermind and producer Sam Razr, the Project Powergrid unites different genres to bring an extraordinary EDM experience – performed as a DJ-Set by Sam Razr or rockshow-like live with a band:

The Band

Sam Razr - Production/Synths/DJ

Sam Razr – Production/Synths/DJ

MC Brendy

MC Brendy

Thilo Kipping - Drums

Thilo Kipping – Drums







The Band consist of a core of three high quality musicians: Sam Razr, MC Brendy and Thilo Kipping. Optional guitar and bass players are added to shows as well as different guest vocalists.


Founded in 2011 by mastermind Sam Razr, Project Powergrid played two highly acknowledged shows within only two months. Due to different obligations and other band projects it was very silent around SRPP until they finally entered the stage again in 2012 with brand new material. After that it should take SRPP almost a year to finish the first album, entitled “MISOPHONIA”, due to be released in November 2013, featuring 15 songs.


Sam Razr’s Project Powergrid unites the finest of Drum n Bass, Dubstep, Electro and Rock to create a unique sound in the manner of bands like Pendulum or The Prodigy, who draw crowds to 100k pax. The Project Powergrid offers breathtaking shows, featuring their own unique music and remixes as well as hits of Pendulum, The Prodigy and many more, topped by a spectacular lightshow and awesome specialeffects. Project Powergrid is booked and managed by RazrInc.

info@razr-inc.com | +49 (0) 175 – 169 6228

Please contact us for further information. The Project is available as full band or dj-set. The band travels with different crews.